Weaving on Warp-Weighted Loom: Lab Group C Data

Thursday, 11.November.2021

Group C

Stage 1: Setting-up Weft and Weights

Stage 1: Weft and Weights
Average Weight (g)180
ObservationsOrganized weights in pairs of approximately equal weight and width.
Lined up wieghts in two rows; 45cm across.
A hemp cord was tied to each loom weight.
Stage 1: Weft and Weights
Length (~yards)40
Weft hanks were hung from pegs on the side of the loom.
Four weft hanks were produced total.

Stage 2: Warping the Loom

  1. Placed cone of warp yarn on ground below tablet starting border.
  2. Pulled loop through shed.
  3. Created 5m loop and looped end over bottom peg.
  4. Rotated tablets to change shed.
  5. Beat and repeated to pull another loop through.
  6. Repeated until covered 1/3 of expected length of starting border.

Stage 3: Tying on Weights

  1. Separated warp threads in groups of seven.
  2. Tied weights using daisy chain not and repeated for all weights.

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