Cheesemaking Lab: Group C Data

Group C: Madeline (recorder), Dane, Sally, Phoebe, Beck


Initial Measurements

Milk weight (first bottle)1968g (2888g with bottle)
Milk weight (second bottle)1967g (2887g with bottle)
Total milk weight3935g
Milk temperature13C (55F)
Fire temperature214C


1:33-3514CAddition of 1/4 cup vinegar in 2 cups of water to the milk
1:3914CMilk in cast iron pot placed over the flame, on top of a fire grate; meanwhile, the rennet tablet is dissolved in water
1:4632CMilk taken off heat and rennet water added slowly
1:5032CTemperature is holding
1:5632CTemperature is holding; fire temperature taken – 345C
2:0332CClean break test done a little early – not perfect, we decided to wait a few more minutes
2:0632CClean break test – achieved!
2:0730CCurds cut twice vertically and once horizontally (which was a little haphazard and uneven); temperature began to drop, so we put the pot back on the flame
2:1034CPot taken back off the heat
2:11-1234CCurds were stirred gently every so often; we did break up some of the curds, mostly to get their size more even
2:1538CTemperature was way too hot – though off the fire, the pot was still warming the milk up
2:2336CSqueeze test – decided to wait a few more minutes
2:30Separated the curds and whey using cheesecloth
2:35Curd went into the cheese mold

Our cheesecloth stretched out a little too much, so while we strained the curd from the whey, we may not have managed to get them totally separate. At 3:35, an hour from when the curd was put into the mold, we flipped it over.

Final Measurements (rennet cheese process)

Curd weight1180g
Whey weight (first bottle)1944g (2864g in bottle)
Whey weight (second bottle)1182g (2102g in bottle)
Total whey weight3126g


After our rennet cheese process, we only had about three-quarters of a gallon of whey to work with, so we borrowed whey from Group A in order to complete the gallon of whey we needed for the mysost process.

2:37First half of the whey poured into the cast iron pot
2:39Second half of the whey poured into the cast iron pot (total volume was a gallon; since we had to eyeball the volume reduction to 1/4 of the original, I wrote down that the depth of the whey in the cast iron was about 2-2.5 inches, in case that would help us)
2:40-4134CWhey placed over the flame on the fire grate with the lid on to bring it to a boil
2:4234CFire temperature taken – around 380C
2:47 66C
2:4990CWhey began to foam over, so we took the lid off; temperature immediately began to drop
2:5080CLid was replaced, covering the pot halfway this time
2:5195CQuick rise in whey temperature, but it also stabilized quickly
2:5595CWhey came to a rolling boil, and we began to stir periodically (every 2-3 minutes) to scrape sides and bottom – continues until 4:18
2:5983CTemperature seems to begin dropping, though it was still at a rolling boil
3:0375CWhey not really boiling anymore; the lid went back on halfway to encourage it to boil again
3:0580CBack to a rolling boil
3:0690CLid taken off
3:0966CTemperature decrease showing on the meat thermometer, though they whey was still at a rolling boil; we also noticed that the temp reading spiked a little when we stirred the whey, likely because it splashed the whey up onto the meat thermometer’s sensor
3:2158CWhey stopped boiling; lid went back on halfway
3:35Volume has reduced by at least half by this point
3:5560CVolume has reduced to 1/4 of the original; after this point it was very difficult to keep it at a boil, and the meat thermometer’s readings were very low, likely because its sensor wasn’t really touching the liquid at all
4:02Not really boiling, just getting foamy at the edges where the fire was hottest; still too light to add the cream (we were looking for a caramel color)
4:11We finally got some color (but not enough color yet), and it also reached a boil again very briefly as we found stoking and blowing on the fire to help
4:14After fanning the flames, the reduced whey began foaming
4:16Back to a rolling boil briefly
4:18The color was still a little light, but we added the cream at Austin’s cue and began stirring constantly, scraping the sides and bottom of the pot to keep the whey from burning
4:23Hadn’t thickened much
4:28Whey reduced a little, was boiling/burbling a bit
4:31Starting to thicken
4:38Starting to thicken more; at this point we could see the bottom of the pan when stirring (looked a bit like a blond roux, texture-wise)
4:40Really began thickening, bubbling, and getting darker
4:45Out of the cast iron and into the measuring cup! It was thick, but not too thick to pour. We couldn’t quite get all of it in the measuring cup to weigh.

Final Measurements (mysost)

Weight in measuring cup907g

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