ARCN222 at Carleton College

Welcome to the website for ARCN 222: Experimental Archaeology and Experiential History, a course taught beginning spring 2021 at Carleton College by Austin Mason, Jake Morton, and Alex Knodell.

This course offers an experiential approach to crafts, technologies, and other material practices in premodern societies. Through hands-on activities and collaborations with local craftspeople, farmers, and other experts, students in this course examine and test a variety of hypotheses about how people in the past lived their lives. How did prehistoric people produce stone tools, pottery, and metal? How did ancient Greeks and Romans feed and clothe themselves? How did medieval Europeans build their homes and bury their dead? Students answer these questions and more by actively participating in a range of experimental archaeology and experiential history projects.

This website holds weekly lab journals for participants and both formal and informal documentation of our work.

Explore the galleries below to read Lab Summaries and associated Lab Group Data posts for each iteration of the course, or use the menu to navigate and search all our content.

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