Group B Lab Data

Regular cheese process measurements:

  • Weight Measurements:
  • Initial Weight of Milk: 3948g
  • Whey weight: 2811g
  • Curd weight: 1874g

Temperatures of Liquid: 

  • Initial Milk Temp: 17 C
  • Milk with vinegar temp: 17 C
  • Liquid before rennet was added: 32 C
  • Liquid at the first clean break test (15 min after rennet was added): 29 C
  • Temp after curd cutting: 29 C
  • Temp before pitching curds: 32 C

Fire Temperatures:

  • When we started heating the pot: 847.4 C
  • During step 5d: 716.7 C
  • During step 8: 669.9 C


  • Lost liquids when transferring from different containers, may have affected the final weights
  • Feeling of cutting the curds was an unusual mix between liquid and solid
  • Bugs were very attracted to the pot and product
  • Whey is sticking and sour
  • Curds felt like silken tofu
  • We had some ash fall into the cheese
  • Took 20 min to get the clean break of the curds
  • The rennet tablet never fully dissolved before adding it to the pot
  • Time from step 5c-6 was 16 min
  • Flavor of final cheese is very mild, slightly salty
  • Did not lose as much weigh overnight
  • Salt flavor is concentrated to outside
  • Cheese if firm, but still soft


Liquid Temperatures:

  • Initial Whey temp: 32 C
  • Boiling Temp: 96.6 C
  • Temperature at first ladeling into cheesecloth: 83 C
  • Temperature at second ladeling: 85 C

Weight Measurements:

  • Initial Whey weight: 3922 g
  • Final amount of ricotta: About a ¼ cup
  • Leftover whey: 3140 g

Fire Temperature:

  • Initial Fire Temp: 778.4 C


  • Time until boiling: 16 min
  • Middle boiled before sides
  • Left fire less active so that it would die out before the end of lab and not cause the pot to boil over
  • Problems with Ricotta
  • Solids weren’t collecting in cheesecloth (even when doubled)
  • We made a second attempt to boil the whey and separate the ricotta
  • Final product was still very liquid and thin, had a strong and unpleasant vinegar taste and smell

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