Group C Lab Data: Dyeing

In this week’s lab, group C participated in two dyeing procedures. With the full class, we dyed wool in indigo, and as a group (along with group D) we dyed wool in logwood.


For this process, Alejandra combined approximately 5 gallons of warm water, sodium hydrosulfite as a reducing agent, and soda ash as a pH modifier with indigo in a 5 gallon bucket. She then covered the bucket with a lid and let it sit for 30-40 minutes. The initial temperature of the solution was ~90º F.


Groups C and D added 1 & 1/3 gallons of water to the cast iron pot. The water was approximately 1 gallon of distilled water mixed with approximately 1/3 gallon of purified (reverse osmosis) water. The water had a pH of around 6.5. We heated up the water to around 100ºF and added 10 grams of logwood wrapped and tied in a cheesecloth, and closed the lid for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, we added the yarn to the pot and kept it at around 120ºF, removing it and placing it back on the fire periodically as needed. After 45 minutes, the yarn was removed and placed to dry. The yarn was dyed a lavender color as opposed to a deep purple.

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