Group E Data Week 7

This week we made three products, Maza, Punic Puls, and Frybread.


Starting weight of Barley: 257 grams

Barley before being roasted

Started Roasting at 1:33pm (Time from now on is in minutes after this)

Barley three minutes in

0:06:25 – Pulled off the fire to prevent burning

Barley as it is being pulled off the fire

Has a nutty smell

Close-up of the barley, visibly darkened

0:09:53 – Placed back on the fire

0:13:30 – Pulled off the fire

Barley after being pulled off at 0:13:30

0:17:10 – Placed back on the fire

0:21:00 – Pulled off the fire

Barley after being pulled off at 0:21:00

0:23:17 – Finished cooking, barley is poured into a bowl before being ground

Weight of the Barley post roasting: 225 grams

Water Weight lost: 32 grams

15 Minutes of grinding on the metate started immediately after weighing, not all of the barley was ground, and then placed aside for the Punic Puls

Barley being ground on the metate

2:44 – Started kneading with 2 dashes of water

Flour before being kneaded

Added Honey and Olive oil whenever need to try and have some stability alongside another dash of water.

2:58 – Finished making the barley flour into eight Maza.

The eight Maza

Punic Puls:

Weights of ingredients:

Feta: 484 grams

Farro: 245 grams soaked, 163 dry

1 Egg: 62 grams

Honey: 140 grams (too much was added and it was impossible to remove)

No water was added initially

Mixing of the Ingredients

Placed on fire at 2:26pm

Punic Puls being placed on the fire for the first time
Punic Puls being stirred two minutes later

0:06:07 – Took off the fire to prevent feta from burning

Punic Puls when pulled off the fire

0:09:13 – Placed back on the fire

0:15:43 – Took off the fire assuming it was done

Punic Puls shortly before being pulled off for the “final” time

0:24:15 – Placed back on with water in order to soften farro

0:30:29 – Finished


Made six frybread from one loaf.

Initial Loaf of Bread

Each one took roughly a minute and a half to make.

We had to add more olive oil in between frybreads two and three, and between frybreads four and five.

Started Frybread at 3:25pm

Frybread being cooked.
Finished Piece of Frybread

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