Week 10 Data Reporting

This week, we did not have an official lab session as it was the last week of classes. However, on our last day of classes, Wednesday May 29th, 2024, we hosted an Experimental Archeology showcase in the outdoor Anderson Hall Ampitheatre. At this gathering, I worked alongside Hope Yu to talk about our cremation lab from Week 6 and the pottery that we fired as part of our experiment. With a PBS videographer, some of our guest instructors from previous labs, and people from the campus community, we talked about what we learned in our specific lab and Experimental Archeology as a whole. While there is no real quantitative data to share from this showcase, my short reflection on this experience follows the image below.

Our Station Positioned on a Large Rock outside of Anderson Hall

At this session Hope and I talked with approximately 12 interested visitors, sharing our insight into recreated medieval cremation and pottery firing processes. This showcase went on for about an hour, giving us ample opportunity to answer questions and talk about the specifics of our project. We recognized that even after four weeks the crematory remains were wet, signifying that we had not fully finished the process due to our wet wood and low pyre. Conversely, our pots seemed stronger than ever, with some even able to hold water for brief periods (though they are not watertight due to the lack of a glaze). When not sharing the visual fruits of our labor with onlookers, Hope and I reflected fondly on the pyre-building day together, and the experiences shared on Mai Fete throughout the term.

Overall, this showcase was a great way to wrap up our term in ExArc, providing us with closure and an opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with others in and out of the Carleton community.

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