Week 4: Wool Lab Data – Group C

I was the lab recorder for group C this week. Some of my measurements are a little unorthodox due to the more challenging nature of recording data for this week. I focused on time per volume of wool worked in each activity, and the feeling of difficulty, etc in working the wool.


We spun first right out of the gate so I this should be a good representation of how much we could spin with our 1/2 oz. of wool. Though we got better at it the longer we spun

Wool SpunTimeMinutes per oz.
Julia0.125 oz75 minutes600
Emmet0.5 oz65 minutes130
Glen0.25 oz.75 minutes300

While our rates of spinning varied wildly, it is important to remember that we had inconsistent and varied thicknesses of yarn spun. As thicker yarn spins faster in terms of volume over time than thinner thread. I recorded my data from the past 2 days spinning at 2 mostly consistent thicknesses.

Thickness of YarnWool SpunTime Minutes per oz.
4 mm 0.5 oz.30 minutes60 minutes
1 mm0.4 oz90 minutes225 minutes

I found that the longer I spin, the faster I go, and I believe that if I was to spin for an entire day and measure the amount spun from the first hour to the last, it would be a lot more.


We each got to weave for 15 minutes of the looms, and some varied time on the heddle loom. I only recorded the data from the frame looms, as the heddle loom was inconsistent in usage. The yarn was about 4 mm thick. Each row weaved was about 2-3 mm in distance due to it getting squished by the comb.

Rows WeavedDistance (mm)Rows per minuteDistance per minute
Julia515 mm0.3331 mm
Emmet721 mm0.4661.4 mm
Glen721 mm0.4661.4 mm

Weaving took a long time to get some meaningful progress, and that combined with the hours of spinning required for the amount of yarn we spun, it gave a very insightful perspective of the amount of time to weave a garment.


We carded, last, and unfortunately didn’t get much time, if any, to spin the yarn we carded ourselves. Carding was the most physically intensive of all the activities, but it moved the most amount of wool the quickest. We carded for 15 minutes in rotation.

Amount CardedTimeMinutes per oz
2.3 oz15 minutes6.5 minutes per oz

From start to finish(carding to weaving) you can see how much time spinning takes up, as it constricts the amount of wool available for weaving, even though there is a large supply of carded wool available. For example, I finished spinning a section of the wool I carded. It was about 0.5 oz and, so it took about 3 minutes to card, but it took almost 2 hours to fully spin into yarn!

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