WEEK 7 GROUP F DATA: Pottery Firing

This week my lab group, group F, fired the pots we had made during week 3. As the data recorder, I noted the temperature of the fire and a few specific pots throughout the process, as well the times at which we performed different steps. The specific pots listed below in the “Pot Temps” column are my pot, which was made from arb clay (pot A), Elek’s pot (pot B) and Hope’s pot (pot C), which was chosen despite not being in my group because the top of it was partially visible through much of the firing. The “Fire Temp” column gives the temperature of the fire measured during the first part of the firing, but one hour in I switched to measuring the “Exterior Log Temperature” (meaning the temperature of one of the logs on the outside of the fire, as opposed to one that was further into the layers of the stack). Below the table is the same data in graph form, in order to better see the how the pot, fire, and log temperatures fluctuated throughout the process. It is important to note that it was difficult to get accurate temperature readings with the laser temperature readers we were using, and many of the fluctuations in temperature can be accounted for by my measuring a different part of the pot/fire each time or inaccurate readings.

TimeFire TempPot TempsObservations
0:00Fire started
0:09Fire went out
0:10224.5℃Fire successfully restarted
0:15339.9℃Placed pots on the ground around fire
0:17A: 23.3℃
B: 22.2℃
0:20197.9℃A: 21℃
B: 24℃
Pots on ground were moved closer + rotated
0:25271.1℃A: 18.2℃
B: 14.8℃
Pots placed in a ring in firepit, as far to the edges as possible
0:28389.9℃A: 57.4℃
B: 40.4℃
0:30330.3℃A: 156.3℃
B: 166.4℃
Rotating pots “pretty consistently”
0:35507.2℃A: 182.3℃
B: 152.9℃
Flipped pots on their sides
0:40493.8℃A: 165℃
B: 194.9℃
Student observes pots are too hot to touch
0:42532.6℃A: 206.7℃
B: 248.5℃
0:45590.3℃A: 190℃B: 209℃
0:50422.6℃A: 215℃
B: 197℃
0:52648.4℃A: 240℃
B: 204.2℃
Two pots moved to cremation fire
0:55647.7℃A: 208℃
B: 204.8℃
Pots moved closer to center of firepit
0:58Started stacking pots on coals, then piled wood thickly in pyramid shape around them
TimeExterior Log TempPot TempsObservations
1:1024.4℃Started attempting to light fire
1:2048.2℃Fire has finally been lit
1:2538℃Lots of new wood and lit matches added around stack
1:40544℃C: 852.8℃Stopped adding new wood; a piece of pot C is barely visible
1:45598.3℃C: 768℃
1:50C: 774.3℃
1:55C: 666.4℃
2:00C: 593.1℃
2:05C: 604.2℃Fire died down; began clearing out pots from under the ashes
2:10C: 364℃
2:15C: 376℃
2:20C: 387℃
2:23Moved pots from our firepit to a ring around the edge of main cremation fire
2:25A: 332.2℃
C: 311.9℃

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