Week 8 Group C Data

Gathering comprehensive data for the lab this week was somewhat difficult given its experimental nature. Constructing the tent within the four hour lab also meant that we had to prioritize building the tent and its various components over collecting data for each step of the process. That said, data related to the size of various tent components along with my qualitative observations from the process.


  • In general carving smaller, more precise objects like the pegs used to secure the tent together was more difficult than carving larger objects such as L.322 and N.324. In part this was because the only tool that we were able to use on these smaller parts was a carving knife which was much slower than other tools such as drawknives or axes. Additionally, when objects were smaller there was greater possibility to greatly mess them up with an overly deep cut.
  • The most difficult type of shape to carve was a right angle as the knives tended to just push shavings into the corner and it was difficult to carve them out.
  • The axe seemed to be by far the most versatile tool out of any of those we used.
Component NameOriginal Component Length 60% Scale Component LengthReplica Component Length
P.326410 cm246 cm246 cm
G.318410 cm246 cm246 cm
L.322450 cm270 cm270 cm
O.325410 cm246 cm410 cm
H.319410 cm246 cm246 cm
N.324410 cm246 cm246 cm
I.320570 cm342 cm364 cm (23 cm tenons on each side)
R.328560 cm336 cm360 cm (20.4 cm tenons each side)
B.312505 cm303 cm324 cm (19.5 cm tenons each side)
Measurements for the 60% scale model tent
ComponentInitial Tree LengthCut to Length
I.320510 cm364 cm
R.328 675 cm360 cm
B.312455 cm324 cm
The initial length of trees used for components and the lengths they were cut to.
Height1.94 m
Width2.55 m
Length3.21 m
Floor Size8.19 m2
Total Area15.88 m3
Dimensions for the fully assembled tent.

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