Week 9 Group A Data

This week we made turf walls in the style of Icelandic turf houses. My group, A was building end course blocks in a triangle wedge shape. Our blocks are oriented with the grass facing horizontally, not vertically, as we want the grass to be smothered by the dirt and not grow in our walls.

We needed about 30 blocks to make one level of the turf walls. That was 15 on each, with the points facing inward, wide wedges facing outward. The cavity between our blocks was filled with loose earth and packed down with our feet.


While each block took a different amount of time, over a period of about 25 minutes we made 40 course blocks(each course block was 1/2 of a rectangle turf block we cut). It took another 20 minutes to complete one level of our end wall.

This lab was the hardest physically, but it was a pretty simple to execute. There wasn’t a ton of special techniques involved in making or assembling the blocks.


Our walls measured 187 cm long, 54 cm wide, and 29 cm high from the outside, measuring 38 cm high on the inside.

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