Weight Forming: Group A Lab Data

Data Gathered

Note: Two different scales were used, for the sake of consistency data reporter dropped everything after the decimal for the scale that did display that data.

Note: For holes, a T denotes holes that were pushed all the way through the clay, N denotes holes that were not.

Person/AttemptWeight of Dry StonewareWeight of GrogWeight of Wet Clay MixShaping MethodHolesWeight Day AfterDiameter (entire weight)Diameter (hole)Other observations/Notes
Sagal 1200g15g234gCoil4 T219g6.5cm3cm“Feels like mud”
Jacob 1200g15g235gCoil4 T205g8.5cm3.7cmToo much water added to clay, added more temper to counteract
Hali’a 1200g15g243gPatty then hole8 N237g8.5cm3cm
Sagal 2200g15g260gCoil6 T243g8cm3.5cm“Very firm”
Hali’a 2200g15g253gPatty then hole4 N239g9cm3cm
Jacob 2200g15g233gPatty then hole4 T216g8.5cm3.5cm
Sagal 3200g15g234gCoil0219g8.5cm2.5cm“More mushy”
Hali’a 3200g15g253gPatty then hole5 N228g8.5cm3cm
Emmy 1200g15g234gCoil10 T217g9.5cm3.5cm“Sticky”
Jacob 3200g15g234gPatty then hole2 T217g9cm3.5cmFirm
Emmy 2200g15g267gPatty then hole3 N249g8.5cm3cmFirst attempt at weight number 2 was over-watered, started over.
Stoneware and grog measured by Hali’a
Emmy 3200g15g248gCoil0230g9cm3cmStoneware and grog measured by Hali’a

A Few Averages

Average Weight of Wet Clay: 244g

Average Weight of Clay After One Day: 227g

Average Weight Loss After One Day: 17g

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