Group C Wool Lab Data

It’s quite difficult to get the data. because we spent most of the time with hand on activities and learning how to do different processes of yarn making properly. However, we got to discuss in re-cap class on Friday about the lab and here are some data from my group members’ experiences and reflections.

Raising sheep: We think it is a common sense since long ago, you have to feed your sheep.

Carding: Soay was much easier for me but others who did Leicester found it so difficult to card the wool because it’s so curly.

Dyeing: Dane wants to know the finish products and how to maintain the colors and how people took care of the dyed products.

Spinning: the teacher: student ratio? starting from the household? What kind of people do this in terms of ages? A clearer explanation about spinning back would be great.


These pictures show the data I collected during the lab at the sheep farm:

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