Brooch Making Group C Data

Metal Casting

We started with 30 pennyweights of bronze casting grain poured into the crucible. The start time was 2:12 and the finish time was 2:20.

Temperature (F)Steps
878.7Initial heat of flame
1217First metal temp
1276Second metal temp
1624Third metal temp (flask goes in)
1700Pin dropped, spinning
998Flask is removed
889Still red (do not quench)
505 Quenched, hot after smoothing
Weight (raw, pre-cut metal)48g
Weight (with sprues cut off)24g

Circle Process

This table shows how long it took to create the circle on the piece of metal using the compass tool.

NameStart TimeEnd Time

2:40-3:30 PM was spent filing the inner and outer circles with a saw (about 50 minutes total, with 40 minutes spent on the outer circle and 10 spent on the inner circle per person).

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