Group A Data Weaving Lab

The following is a time table of the tasks Group A performed on Thursday, November 11th, for the construction of the tablet-woven border required for the warp weighted loom.

1:17PMGroup A begins measuring required threads for tablet-woven border
1:24PM48 yards are wound around upright frame
1:25PM48 yards are cut into two yard lengths each
1:29-1:35PMGroup A threaded the string through the tablet weaving cards
1:38PMCards are stacked and ends knotted into a single overhand knot
1:44PMUsing upright frame, Group A began combing the warp threads so the cards would have mobility
1:49PMGroup A begins weaving tablet-woven border on the upright frame
2:10PMGroup A attaches woven border to warp weighted loom
2:13PMGroup A begins winding the thread around the pegs and loom structure, warping the loom.
2:20PMGroup A is replaced by Group B and takes a break to practice individual tablet weaving
3:20PMGroup A goes back to creating the border on the warp weighted loom
3:45PMGroup A returns to individual tablet weaving
4:45PMGroup A helps clean up the materials for the end of lab

The following is the steps done in order to warp the loom:

  1. Place cone of yarn on group and gather up end of thread.
  2. Pull loop of thread through the shed, followed by looming a 5m loop over the bottom peg.
  3. Rotate cards to change shed.
  4. Beat down thread and continue until roughly 1/3 of expected border length (50cm) is completed.

Measurements required for this process were as follows:

Calculate expected number of warp threads in starting band, based on test warp #/cm times two for using the double method. This resulted in roughly 50 cm needed to be woven, with each group attempting to weave roughly a third each.

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