Since every group took on different steps in the process of setting up our loom, the data is spread out between all of us. Group B was mainly responsible for assembling the loom, though we also helped establish the border of the weave and allocate warp threads to weights.

loom dimensions

width of bottom81cm
shed rod length37cm
width at hole 438cm
length of heddle rod83cm
width at top hole74cm
width from Y to Y at the top83cm
length of top rod70cm
height of right upright66cm
height of left upright118cm
distance of bottom from wall (right upright)94cm
distance of bottom from wall (left upright)92cm

After a long tablet weaving interlude, we returned to the loom to continue the work done by prior groups in beginning the border of the weave. We completed 10 cm in 12 min (3:18-3:30pm), working at a rate of roughly .83cm/min.

Roughly an hour later — after a lot of untying, retying, and detangling — the starting border was fully attached to the upper rod of the loom. Its width was 44cm. We allocated 7 threads to each loom weight, roughly estimating our thread total to be at about 200.

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