Group E Data: Week 4 Ritual

Initial Weighing:

Tail 22.2oz

Thighbone 108.1oz

Omentum 14.81oz

Splanchna 1lb 6.3oz

All splanchna except the heart were cut in order to make them easier to place on the spit

Altar Size: 4 across each row and 4 rows deep

Events after lighting the fire: (The time given is the time after the fire was started. The format is hour:minute:second, hour will be excluded if an hour has not passed.)

We adjusted the fat wood on the altar after it was lit in order to help the fire spread as the outside pieces of wood were not catching on fire.

11:10 – The thighbone and the tail were placed on the altar

16:25 – The tail started to flatten

20:45 – The tail started to curve upwards

Note/Observation: Despite the clear burst of flame evident in the photo, we did not notice the thighbone catching on fire until roughly two minutes later, this may be because of the wind that was occurring and the picture just happening to capture a moment where the flame was perfectly vertical. This picture takes place roughly two minutes before 23:50.

23:50 – The thighbone starts to catch on fire

Constant sizzling is heard from this point onward

The splanchna were placed on a flat spit shortly before being placed on the fire

32:00 – The splanchna are held over the fire

~37:00 – The wood on the altar starts to collapse

41:16 – The splanchna are removed to eat, temperature slightly above 120

While splanchna were being cut the tail snapped in half at some point before 50 minutes

Also seen is the collapse of part of the altar

The heart was placed back over the flame in order to cook some more, the other splanchna were cooked enough

53:00 – The heart is removed again in order to be eaten

59:30 – The thighbone and the tail are quenched with wine

1:01:00 – The thighbone is removed and then quenched a second time as it was still on fire

Total Time: 1 hour and 1 minute

The next day the bones were retrieved from the fire pit where they were left overnight.

Remains of bones from all groups

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