Week 4 Lab Data Group F: Ritual

Group members: Luisa Cichowski, Rahim Hamid, Amalia Pappa, and Samantha Zimmerman

Setting up the woodpiles

We had initially set our woodpile up more openly (fig.1) but Jake recommended we make our top layer more solid (fig. 2)

Initial Measurements

weight (oz)dimensions (in)
femur110.2 ozLength = 17 in
Width of head = 5 in
Width of shaft = 4 in
oxtail37.5 ozLength = 18.6 in
heart8.8 oz
liver8.35 oz
kidney7 oz
wrapped femur127 oz
omentum (wrapped femur – unwrapped femur16.8 oz = 127 – 110.2


  1. Cut heart, kidney, and liver in half so they were easier to spit (fig 3)
  2. Spit kidney and liver on Menards spits and heart on other spit (fig 4)
  3. Starting the fire
    • Because our top layer of wood was so thick, the fire took longer to start. We used more fatwood than other groups and rotated the wood around to facilitate the fire


Time (HH:MM:SS)observations
00:00:00Started fire
00:18:00Put femur on fire (fig 5)
00:21:00See fat from femur dripping down into fire
00:25:00Femur shaft burns faster than head (fig 6)
00:26:25Fat begins to shrink around bone (fig 7)
00:39:30Oxtail is put on the fire
00:40:30Tail goes flat (fig 8)
00:42:00Tail begins to curl (fig 9)
00:54:39Add splanchna (fig 10)
00:55:00Our heart falls off the spit onto the ground, we put it back on the spit and continue to cook it
01:02:00Liver and Kidney temperature recorded at 100° F
01:03:00Heart temperature recorded at 80° F
01:06:00Femur is completely charred; oxtail snaps in half and is mostly charred (fig 11)
01:07:00Fire begins to collapse into the middle (fig 12)
01:13:00Liver temperature recorded at 145° F; kidney temperature recorded at 180° F (fig 13)
01:14:00Heart temperature recorded at 160° F (fig 13)
01:16:00Fire is quenched with wine
*around 30 mins later the fire somehow rekindles. Noah douses it with water

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