Week 3 Lab Group D Data


To create the clay that we ultimately used to scuplt the pots, we mixed 500g of art clay, 80g of sand, 16g of gravel, and 4g of chaff. The original plan was to use hay as chaff, but it was difficult to get down to a small size. So, I used hay and my other two group members used pine shavings. Mixing in the temper proved slightly difficult, but after enough kneading, it all mixed in well. The pot made using the clay with hay had noticable long pieces in the mixed clay, which made it difficult to work with and was likely bad for the structural integrity of the pot.

Once the clay was mixed, we constructed the pots using coil-building methods. We started with a small pinch pot and added coils of clay to the rim to expand the pot, using water to soften the clay so the two pieces would bond.


Note: Missing data will be updated soon


Elek’s Pot

Original MeasurementsAfter 1 dayloss
Rim diameter4.8cm4.8cm0cm
Widest part diameter8.75cm8cm0.75cm
Wall section0.75cm0.6cm0.15cm

Caroline’s Pot

Original MeasurementsAfter 1 dayloss
Rim diameter11cm11cm0cm
Widest part diameter12.5cm12cm0.5cm
Wall section0.5cm0.5cm0cm

Evan’s Pot

Original MeasurementsAfter 1 dayloss
Rim diameter6cm5.8cm0.2cm
Widest part diameter8cm8cm0cm
Wall section1cm1cm0cm

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