Week 3 Lab: Group B Pottery Data

Clay Forming

My group — consisting of Margaret, Max, and myself — had to create a clay body that was 500g clay and 100g temper. The temper was made up of 80g of sand, 18g of gravel, and 2g of chaff. The chaff came in two varieties: small wood chippings and long strands of straw. Each member of the group used a different composition of the two chaffs. Margaret used exclusively wood chippings, I used exclusively straw, and Max used a combination of both. When we started working the clay, it was difficult to see how the clay body would incorporate the temper. However, after a while, the temper was properly incorporated, and we could get to work on our pinch pots.

Here are the proportions of clay and individual tempers in our final clay bodies:

Proportion (approximate)83.3%13.3%3.3%0.03%

Group Data

Margaret’s Data

Margaret’s pot pre-firing
OriginalAfter 1 dayLossBefore FiringLossAfter FiringTotal Loss
Weight578 g521 g57 g493 g28 g364 g214 g
Height7.1 cm6.6 cm0.5 cm6.6 cm0 cm6.6 cm0.5 cm
Diameter (rim)10.2 cm9.5 cm0.7 cm9.5 cm0 cm9.3 cm0.9 cm
Diameter (widest)11.6 cm10.7 cm0.9 cm10.7 cm0 cm10.6 cm1 cm
Wall section1.1 cm0.927 cm0.173 cm0.927 cm0 cm0.933 cm0.167 cm

Max’s Data

Max’s pot pre-firing
OriginalAfter 1 dayLossAfter firingTotal Loss
Weight579 g521 g58 g471 g108 g
Height9.9 cm9.1 cm0.8 cm9.2 cm0.7 cm
Diameter (rim)7.7 cm7.3 cm0.4 cm7.5 cm0.2 cm
Diameter (widest)9.8 cm9.4 cm0.4 cm9.4 cm0.4 cm
Wall section0.8 cm0.66 cm0.14 cm0.689 cm0.111 cm

Siddharth’s Data

Siddharth’s pot pre-firing
OriginalAfter 1 dayLossAfter firingTotal Loss
Weight574 g507 g67 g447 g127 g
Height4.5 cm4.4 cm0.1 cm4.3 cm0.2 cm
Diameter (rim)2.75 cm2.6 cm0.15 cm2.45 cm0.3 cm
Diameter (widest)9.6 cm9.5 cm0.1 cm9.4 cm0.2 cm
Wall section0.674 cm0.525 cm0.149 cm0.478 cm0.196 cm

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