Week 2 Cheesemaking

Group C: Adam, Eryk, Aubrey, Holland Recorder: Adam

Initial Conditions

-Milk starting temperature of 56°F

Starting Measurements

Milk1 gallon, 3.76 kilogram
Vinegar Mixture0.25 cup vinegar into 2 cup water
Rennet Mixture1 tablet into 0.25 cup water
Total Volume18.5 cups (1.16 gallons)

First Heating

Time (min)Temp. (°F)Notes
056Set on Fire
895Removed from fire, Rennet added

Post Rennet Timeline

Time (min)Temp (°F)Notes
095Removed from fire, Rennet added
2090Successful break of curds, Curd sliced into 1 inch^2 curds
2390Mixture stirred
2789Mixture stirred, pot placed back on fire
3296Mixture stirred, removed from fire
3895Content poured into filter
70~Curds finished filtering process


Curds0.78 kilogram
WheyAprox. 0.75 gallon, 3.4 kilogram

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