Week 2 Lab Data- Group A

Important Measurements:

  • Milk
    • Weight: 3.864kg
    • Volume: 1 Gallon
  • Curds
    • Weight: 1.328kg (This includes a small amount of whey still mixed in)
  • Whey
    • Weight: 2.825kg
    • Volume: ~7/8 Gallon (No exact markings on containers)

Other Observations:

  • We waited about 10-15 minutes initially for the fire to burn down
  • Throughout, we kept the fire burning on the side, while adding smoldering logs under the pot of milk
  • Initial milk temp: 60.9˚F
  • No appearance of curdling while adding vinegar to milk
  • Took about 15 minutes for pot to reach 90˚F, at which point we took it off the fire
  • No change in appearance of milk while adding rennet
  • Slight drop in temp of milk after 7 minutes off the fire (86˚F)
  • Clean break of curds after 15 minutes
  • After stirring the curds, temp down to 83˚F, put pot back on the fire
  • Temp back up over 90˚F after 8 minutes on the fire, took pot off
  • Temp remains at 96˚F until we drained the curds (12 minutes later)
  • 15 minutes after breaking the curd, curds still looking a bit too soft
  • poured out after another 5 minutes (20 minutes total)
  • Some whey spilled out of the container, but a very small amount
  • Drained whey for 22 minutes total, and this did not get it all out
  • Our attempt to make mozarella out of the curds was unsuccessful, curds never became stretchy enough, even after far longer than 5 minutes in the 150˚F water (some curds were in for 30 minutes)

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