Week 9, Group B: Measurement

We started at the mini bald spot. 3-4 groups gathered on the mini-bald spot to create a road, and the others collected on the midi-bald spot. Each aimed to measure a centuriate from there.

It took a while for our group to begin, mainly because there was a great debate about the perfect place to start. In the beginning, we also hoped to have an uninterrupted straight line. We planned on a straight line from Cassat towards the midi bald spot. Unfortunately, no matter how much planning we thought up, the line had to turn. We found that the sidewalk would not work well with the plotting out of flags. But we overcame that challenge by spacing our flags over the sidewalk and a picnic table. We also found the lining up of strings rather frustrating, but after a while, we got into the hang of making sure someone was always holding onto a green yardstick.

Our groma specifically was unwieldy to manage since we had opted for a longer pole to hold the rotating right angles. Although the long bar at the top of our groma made it easier to measure with two people, the length made the measurement itself unstable due to the unevenly distributed weight. We realized about a few markers in that the nuts and bolts holding the right angles needed to be tightened, and the steadiness of the angles helped the strings stay more stable—the process went a little easier from there. Once the green flags were all placed, we measured the total length of our road with a walking measurer, which added up to about 301 feet and 7 inches.

Then we moved on to measuring the right angles from the starting point of the flag markers. This process went much more smoothly than our practice before. The measurements lined up, and we got it around the aimed 20 feet, with the individual angles being 20 feet and 7 inches.

Next, we teamed up with group D to centurate a larger area: the midi bald spot. The division was supposed to happen in even squares. We reached varying success with the rectangle measuring out to be 39 x 15 yards. We divided the rectangle into 3 parts by length, each section measuring approximately 13 yards. 

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